Humble Bundle’s Candidate and New Hire Experience

August 14, 2015

Humble Bundle is a unique company, with a business model that doesn’t just mean success for the company but also for over 50 different charities around the world. Humble Bundle, founded by two game developers looking for unique ways to distribute, bundles games, music, and e-books together and boasts a “pay what you want” model. Buyers can donate to a charity of their choice or directly to the game creators, and in addition to building a strong team here in San Francisco, Humble Bundle has donated over 62 million dollars to charity so far.  

We recently spoke to Humble Bundle Senior Recruiter Jenna Williams to hear all about how Humble Bundle hires and onboards its employees, as well as how using Greenhouse has helped her teams make great talent choices.

Structuring the Interview Process

The Humble Bundle culture is a fun one, with artwork adorning office walls and where, along with hard work, game playing is a staple of the day-to-day -- the office boasts a game room featuring a big screen TV and every console you can imagine. To ensure candidates get an idea of what life at Humble Bundle is like, Jenna helped to revamp the website with more details and pictures all about the company and culture as well as providing updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Giving candidates this insight upfront gets them excited to learn more about the company, and all the ways Humble Bundle is making a difference in gaming as well as charitable giving.

When Jenna first joined Humble Bundle, she set out immediately to help get everyone on board with Greenhouse.  Having used the platform before, she knew that it would help make interviews more effective and make hiring decisions more data-driven.

Before Greenhouse, Humble Bundle had a pretty informal but common way of providing interview feedback. After meeting the candidate, interviewers would gather in a room and discuss what they had learned during the interview process. This process left room for interviewers to be swayed by the opinions of others, and wasn’t always the most efficient. Greenhouse has helped interviewers at Humble Bundle have more structured interviews, leave concrete feedback before discussing with others, and ultimately ensure great hires are made.

Creating the Candidate Experience

With the interviewing process more structured, the recruiting team set out to make sure that from the time a candidate is initially contacted, until they are a tried and true member of the team, that they have an outstanding experience. Interviewers are more prepared, making interviews more effective and less tedious for candidates and because Greenhouse provides a clear line-up of interviewers within the interview kit everyone always knows who’s next.

Recruiting at Humble Bundle is an organization-wide priority, with the founders heavily involved in the interviewing and hiring process as well. Late-stage candidates meet with the founders, and offers are often presented in person by the founders themselves. Discussions around salary and start date are completed before this final interview, so candidates are presented with the strongest offer up front, and often sign that day.

Starting Strong

First days can be hard regardless of how many you’ve had in your career, but at Humble Bundle you’ve got a stellar team to make your first day as seamless as possible. Knowing just how hard that first day can be, Jenna spent her first few months at Humble Bundle working with People Ops to revamp the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition from candidate to employee.

From the moment an offer is accepted, candidates are a member of the team, and the first course of action is to select a favorite breakfast food. This way, the Humble Bundle team can make sure you have exactly what you want for a welcome breakfast on your first day.  

This welcome breakfast is a low pressure way for candidates to ease into their first day, and is a great way for other employees to casually swing by and introduce themselves while bonding over their favorite breakfast foods. No more just going desk to desk, the Humble Bundle culture wants you to get to know your colleagues over a casual meal.


From there, a new team member’s manager will give them a tour of their space, intro them to their team, and get them set up with the usual first day paperwork. On their first day, each new employee is greeted by a handwritten note from the founders and their new team members, a custom employee-only Humble Bundle shirt, and a bindle full of candy. 

After the general first day paperwork (which the team tries to limit to an hour max), comes a team lunch and a tour of the area around the downtown San Francisco office (including showing them the location used in the filming of Invasion of the Body Snatchers). With a solid first day planned, new Humble Bundle employees can feel more at ease on day two, and be ready to take the gaming world by storm, one donation at a time.

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