How OnDeck's Recruiting Process Helped It Double In Size and Keep the Bar High

December 4, 2014 Steven Musche

When OnDeck launched in 2007, the company had bold ambitions to solve the biggest problem facing small businesses: financing. And the company is well on its way – issuing over $1.7 billion in loans since its founding just 7 years ago. Most of that has come in the last year alone. 

An inevitable result of OnDeck’s success is that the company has been growing very fast. In the last year, OnDeck’s headcount doubled from 200 to over 400 employees.

Leadership quickly understood that this growth had to be done through a process that could be scaled and optimized. Developing a process not only ensures that the quality bar remains high, but also that the team makes data-driven decisions. This is something that was important to the organization.

OnDeck’s recruiting strategy allowed them to quickly hire over 200 people, but also to optimize the process along the way. As the competition for great talent intensifies, so too does the need for an iterative hiring process. 

“Over time, when I look back on this, I will be able to get a very clear picture of where our process improvements need to be,” says Head of Talent Acquisition Benjamin Vivo-Wachter.

The results speak for themself. OnDeck is gearing up for an IPO, and they’re looking to double their headcount again in the next 18 months. The company is taking the SMB loan market by storm with no end in sight. They’ve successfully done one of the hardest things a businesses will do – scale quickly and effectively, while maintaining a high talent bar.

Watch the video below to learn more about how OnDeck uses Greenhouse to create a seamless process that allows them to scale the organization, optimize their recruiting process, and keep the bar high when hiring candidates.

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